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Some Good News – Fundraising Edition

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Taking a page out of John Krasinski’s playbook, we want to celebrate Some Good News from our recent conversations with clients and colleagues, including member friends of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel.

Here are some heartwarming stories from the field:

  • A local food bank raised $75,000 in early March – the budgeted goal was $6,000 – because donors and neighbors immediately responded to the urgency of growing food insecurity.

  • A nonprofit serving a vulnerable adult population set an e-appeal goal of $10,000 in ten days; a first-ever matching pool for gifts over $500 raised $30,000 in six days.

  • An arts organization delivered dinners so isolated patrons could enjoy an “evening in” despite a cancelled performance.

  • Another arts organization sends weekly “interludes” with short videos of recorded performances and interviews with the artists.

  • A statewide resource for classroom teachers launched a special campaign to send history books directly to students’ homes.

  • A human services organization postponed a series of capital campaign house parties, instead giving donors the opportunity to support emergency services.

  • An independent school’s virtual gala exceeded its goal for financial aid when a donor sent a personal email announcing their challenge match; the communication inspired another leadership gift and reinforced the power of community.

  • A healthcare organization positioned itself as a thought leader by hosting Facebook live events for Q and A with their physicians.

We hope these success stories inspire hope and ideas for ways in which your organization can be successful as you pivot your donor engagement and fundraising strategies. If you have a clear case and make a direct, respectful ask, those who can support you now, will.

What successes are you celebrating this week?

We would be happy to help your organization right now. For a no-charge, 60-minute consultation, please contact us at

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