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Our Services

You may know what you’re looking for, or you may want our guidance in sorting through options. In either case, we combine a generalist point of view with sector-specific experience to tailor services that match your organization’s aspirations, budget, and timing.

Special Campaigns

If you're contemplating a first campaign or the first campaign in a while, we'll provide the right amount of preparation, structure, and strategy so you can realize your organization's vision for the future.

  • Feasibility and planning studies

  • Campaign planning, design, strategy, and execution

  • Campaign management

Major Gifts Strategy

If you want to retain and deepen engagement with current donors, we'll help you ensure processes and strategies are in place to put relationship-based fundraising at the heart of your work.

  • Staff and board skill-building

  • Moves management strategy: identification, qualification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship

  • Pipeline development

  • Policies and procedures

If you want to empower board members and staff to embrace their fundraising roles, we’ll work with individuals or teams to set goals that build on strengths and overcome obstacles.

Leadership Coaching & Training

Development Assessment

If you want to increase philanthropy to grow your program or diversify revenue, we'll evaluate your overall approach to fundraising and create an achievable, prioritized plan to increase capacity.

  • Case for support

  • Fundraising culture

  • Staff and board roles and responsibilities

  • ROI of current fundraising activities

  • Giving Metrics

  • Donor relations and communications

  • Back-of-the-shop staffing, policies and procedures

Donor Analytics Services

Through a strategic partnership with iWave, we have access to integrated wealth screening and prospect research tools that help you prioritize donors based on personal capacity and likelihood to give. 

Interim Services

If you have a staffing transition, we’ll provide temporary leadership to maintain stability, continue momentum, and help onboard a new director.

  • Development planning and implementation

  • Staff supervision and mentorship

  • Board support and accountability

  • Participation in search process and transition

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